Apprentice/ Starter Barber Vacancy- Apply Now


 Whether you are starting from the beginning, have completed a training course and need your final levels, or are transferring from hairdressing, BarberShopCo have the apprenticeship for you

Who you are:


  • May have a lot, some or no prior experience in the industry and are now looking to get qualified 

    What you will do:

    In this position you will

    • Earn while you achieve your qualification in Commercial Barbering (NZQA Level 4). You will also kickstart your BarberShopCo career.
    • Progress quickly with a strong and structured training programme to escalate learning
    • Contribute to the team and undertake a range of tasks that will prepare you for being an exceptional and professional BarbershopCo Barber- we don't just teach to the qualification, we also teach to our standards from day one
    • Take responsibility for driving your progress and training, organising models and completing required modules and tasks on time 


    You will be someone who 

    • Lives and breathes our values and culture to turn ordinary into extraordinary
    • Accepts the mission to show the world what a world class client experience really is
    • Is coachable and open to learning- always
    • Has technical capability and the potential and desire to improve yourself
    • Wants nothing more than to be successful
    • Thrives on being part of the team
    • Has self discipline, maturity and sense of responsibility – someone who will will live up to expectations
    • Always delivers high quality work- not just what you do but how you do it too
    • Goes above and beyond to add value
    • Loves what we do here


    Growth and Development: 

    You will be well set up for success and will progress into a BarberShopCo Team Member position as you meet your milestones- you don't have to wait to be qualified to start on your career pathway with BarberShopCo

    Applications for an Apprenticeship:

    We have a limited number of apprenticeships available and at times we have a waiting list

    Apply for our next Apprentice placement now


     Who you are:

    You will be a current or recent Barber school/Academy student or someone who is learning the trade. You may only have a little experience or none at all, but you have a great positive attitude, are a capable and onto it person with a lot to offer.

    What you will do:

    This is the position to get your started. You will

    • Learn the ropes of the store and how we do things here
    • Gain your confidence with all technical and customer service modules
    • Develop confidence and capability to work professionally with clients.
    • Participate in training from more senior and experienced BarberShopCo team members who will share their knowledge to help you become an outstanding industry professional. 

    Growth and Development: 

    This is a popular position to get your foot in the door even while you are studying.

    You will be set up for success into a professional BarberShopCo Barber position


     Applications for a Starter Barber position:

    Apply for our next Starter Barber position now