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Applying is easy. Please take a few minutes to get to know us then fill in an online application form to tell us a little bit about yourself. 

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Are you a senior/experienced barber aged between 18-30 and ready to travel for a year?

Are you keen to escape the grim winter months?

Come and join us in NZ for a working holiday! 

We'll pay for your flight to get here, your working holiday visa application and drop $500 in your account when you get here!

Work for an amazing company, travel around our beautiful country and live a lot!

Score one of our lucky seats on AirNZ 787-9 flight leaving 25th November!

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Victoria Street- Hamilton

Senior Stylist/Experienced Barber. Apply here.

Barber/Stylist. Apply here.

Birkenhead- Auckland

Senior Stylist/Experienced Barber. Apply here.

Barber/Stylist. Apply here.


Senior Stylist/Experienced Barber. Apply here.

Barber/Stylist. Apply here.

Browns Bay- Auckland

Barber/Stylist. Apply here.

Millwater- Auckland

Senior Stylist/Experienced Barber. Apply here.

Barber/Stylist. Apply here.


Senior Stylist/Experienced Barber. Apply here.

Barber/Stylist. Apply here.


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With a sharp view of the big picture  you will be focused on the delivery of new store growth, quality assurance and process excellence,  and optismising systems and processes across all functions of our corporate and franchise businesses.

You will also be a  chief deliverer. Arriving with ambition, drive and the skills to organise and refine the way we do business each week will be different. You will be leasing new sites,  assigning construction contracts to ensuring our logistics are performing at a world class standard, working with council, coordinating and facilitating with business owners and supply chain. This is a breakaway role for those who want variety, momentum and to see their impact and influence in play. 

As a key member of our executive team taking this successful NZ business forward, your decisive, analytical and quick thinking will enable you to objectively lead the operations of the business and remove barriers to progress.  Your process and systems orientation will enable you to logically and methodically deliver effciency, organisation, clarity, and user friendly outcomes with scalability. Your strategic mindset will enable you to work autonomously to lead your division and deliver high level outcomes. 

You will have a proven track record in

Operations, including the development and implementation of new systems and structures Process optimisation and rationalisation Articulating ideas and plans in a logical and effective manner to achieve a great outcome Effective contract/supplier negotiations Ideally some Six Sigma or Lean manufacture training or experience  Ideally a bachelors degree (equivalent or above) 

You will someone who:

Thrives in an environment where you add value and deliver excellence Can autonomously manage and deliver multiple outcomes through to completion Is methodical, pragmatic  and highly organised

Our ideal candidate has demonstrable experience in:

Corporate operations Change management and implementation  Leadership Construction/fit outs Financial planning and adjustment Store fit outs/rolls outs

Demonstrates personal attributes including:

Grit Strong numerical and verbal reasoning A team first approach Clear and honest communication Ambition

The successful candidate will be joining a high performing team and will be expected to deliver outcomes contributing to the team’s success. In return you will be rewarded with a competitive base salary, company car and the Senior Management Bonus scheme.

At BarberShopCo we believe in leveraging people’s strengths and the head office team is a small, tight knit group of performers. This is not a clock in, clock out role, as demands peak and flow, you will manage your hours accordingly and ensure delivery.

If this is you, we’d love to hear from you and meet you soon!

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About our positions and career pathways

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Why BarberShopCo

We are NZ’s largest and fastest growing barber company. We offer the best opportunities for Barbers and Hairdressers to progress quickly, follow their passion and become incredibly successful.

We know what our clients love so we deliver it consistently, efficiently, and professionally. 

Our people are the heart and soul of BarberShopCo. We combine technical expertise and client service excellence to educate, engage and add value so our clients  look and feel incredible. 

As a team we thrive on continuous development, striving to be better, consistent excellence and a world class standard we can be proud of.

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Barber Stories

Our People.

Our people are leaders in the men's grooming industry. They take pride in their high standards in client service and their technical range, are excited about training, development and career progression, and care deeply about a positive and professional culture that feels like a family.

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How long does the recruitment process take?

We like to move quickly so you can secure a position in 1-3 weeks from your first application - That’s great so you can start planning your move!

What do I need to prepare for my job application?

We don’t need a lot of information to get started- just an application with a few details (check out our careers page for the application). We will need to contact some work references and you’ll need to put together a CV lisiting your qualifications (if any) and your work experience.

Do I need to be qualified?

It is not necessary to be qualified. We are looking for great people with the right attitude who want to work on their career and
like our culture.

If you are an international applicant- your qualifications may count towards some work visa types so check that out on the immigration NZ site

What type of work visa should I get?

There are different options for people wanting to take a working holiday, or settle for a long time.  Check out the option that best suits your situation at

What if I can’t deliver a wet shave?

That’s ok, in fact if you are the right person for the job we will provide any technical training you need!

How do I get paid?

You have a secure income from the day you start. We pay top wages for team members and an annual salary for some leadership positions.

 As you progress you can earn great bonuses for hitting weekly revenue targets, and extra allowances!

Where will I be working?

We will work with you to chose the best Store location for you!

We will look at where you currently or would like to live, the lifestyle you enjoy, and where we have a great opportunity so you have the best chance to develop your career.

If out of Auckland is where you want to be...Initially you will work in Auckland and once you are settled and have really learned the ropes we can look at transfers to one of the regions!

What do I wear?

Look clean, tidy, professional and sharp! We can guide you but there's plenty of room to be yourself as well!

What Tools will I need?

Our stores are stocked full of great products, superior work station set ups so you just need to bring your tools.

We use rechargable cordless tools and you’ll want to have a set of tools ready for your arrival and preferrably without an adaptor box. We can source any of these items for you and have them ready for your first day! 

You’ll need Clippers, Trimmers, guards, combs, cut throat /straight razor, shears, neck brush and  blow dryer. 

I'm moving to NZ- What do I need to bring?

Mostly just yourself!

It pays to get important documents like birth certificates, qualifications and references letters etc as they can be harder to get access to from afar. 

You can bring your tools but we prefer cordless gear and be aware that you will need adapters for chargers.