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"I'm excited for my future here because there's so much room for growth, skill wise and business wise. There are so many tools in place to encourage technical and financial development"

Ryan, Team Member

"The culture we have at BarberShopCo is amazing...The company makes sure there is always an upcoming event so that the entire team has something to look forward to. We are team players and always are happy to help"

Panni - Store Manger & Intern Store Owner

"There is so much opportunity here for barbers to build and strive for."

Eden- Experienced Barber

"The best thing about working here is working alongside a bunch of really talented people and getting to learn from them. Barbershop Co is like one big family, we're all stoked for each other's achievements"

Josh- Experienced Barber

"I have fun every day doing what I love doing alongside the great people at BarbershopCo."

Monica- Team Leader

Our People

The people we want on our team

It's an all-welcome culture for both customers and the staff ... You can come as you are, show your personality and your flare...Individuality is encouraged and that's rad"

Sarah- Team Leader

"I have found a new family, started my own career, learned to do things I never thought I'd do, and lived my dream of having a job that doesn't feel like a job"

Caprice- Apprentice

"We are a unique place to work because we are like a family"

Jarred- Professional Barber

I'm excited for my future here because....I know the sky is the limit, I can be who I want to be and I can get to the top knowing I have a great team to help me get there

Eden- Experienced Barber

"BarbershopCo is a really awesome company with how forward-thinking everyone is, everyone's constantly pushing to deliver a world class service and that really helps to drive you to do the same"

Josh- Experienced Barber